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Last week, I attended Asia Clean Energy Forum 2017 or to be known as ACEF in Manila, Philippines.

This trip is kind of daunting/ mixed feelings as:
1) This is just my 1st month of working in this Organisation 2) I am still not familiar with the jargon/ terminologies of this industry 3) I never experienced travelling during the month of Ramadan 4)  Its...Manila (first time visiting this Pinoy-land)
And one last thing is my name, Arnis.
For your information, "Arnis" is actually is a martial art in Philippines so I'm kind of paranoid of the Pinoys making fun of my name actually..

This martial art uses stick to fight with each other

Anyway, my flight was on 4th of June 2017.
Saying goodbye to my cat, Momo was the hardest actually.
As I actually arrived at the airport called the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, took a grab car straight to the hotel which was the Holiday Inn Manila in ADB Avenue.
Passed by some ghetto area in Manila. This is like the scenario of Ma…

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