The Story of the Two Bees who Conquered Bukit Saujana Hijau, Putrajaya

I got to know this park through Asrul who told me that its a hidden gem located at Presint 11.
This expansive park with themed gardens & sweeping views is a popular place for running & cycling.

Just 10 minutes from my house, Weatherman and I decided to walk at the hill and yes, this park amazed us.

There were quite a number of visitors (especially young couple with small kids) having their recreational activities, newlyweds doing photoshoot and convocation photoshoot.

The hike is not that difficult and the scenery is amazing. It overlooks Presint 11 mostly and focusing on the rapid-growing housing area. So here's some shots taken at Bukit Saujana Hijau...

The luscious green trees alongside the park. 

We kind of failed to hide our tummies..makin buncit

Bullied Weatherman to pose inside the Ru sorry Ru!!

Lovin' the landscape..looks Malacca-ish

There are quite a number of Pine trees at this park

The wajib selfie everytime we go somewhere nowadays to complete our Bee album..

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Destroying my Batu Caves Virginity

It was on Saturday when Weatherman and I decided to go to Batu Caves, Gombak for our stress-free escapism outing day.

It was actually my first time (many times for Weatherman) visiting Batu Caves.

The weather was quite wet.. (monsoon) but thank God, upon reaching the Temple area, it was minor drizzling and a lot of foreign tourists were visiting the Holy Place as well.

#fyi Batu Caves is a limestone hill that has a series of caves and cave temples in Gombak, Selangor, Malaysia. 

Theres nothing much to say about the place. Its a praying place for the Hindus and we went to Ramayana Cave and the Batu Caves temple itself. The most challenging part was the climbing up the steep stairs and was exhausting.

But I had fun #bolehla and heres some snapshots taken at Batu Caves Temple:

The stairs and the main highlight was the Golden statue front of Ramayana cave. It was quite interesting to study the story of Rama which have a full trail storyline inside the Cave.

Me dragging my feet to reach the Ground.

My parents will killed me if they found out my selfie here

An example of huge statues inside the Ramayana cave.

Cute chap

Us upon reaching the peak of Batu Caves temple

Some super yummy Indian sweets!!

Pigeons were everywhere at the ground at Batu Caves

The deadly stairs

Last but not least, we finished off our Indian adventure by having my first Banana Leaf rice meal at Sri Paandi Restaurant at Petaling Jaya. So so sedappp

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Of Annual Dinner and Turbanators

My first ever joining an Annual Dinner...hmm...came up with realization that I am still noob when it comes to makeup and dressing up like others hihi

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Our first furniture ever...

which is ze ironing board....

and many more to come... so *stay tuned*

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Killing 3 birds using one stone in just one day #diwali

Oh well the title of this post explains how Weatherman and I did exhilarating stuff during the mid-week public holiday for Diwali celebration.

Since we both reserved this whole day for our "date-day", we actually did 3 extreme activities.

1) Hiking to Bukit Gasing

Bukit Gasing is located at Petaling Jaya. I was amazed by the green area despite Petaling Jaya is near to the concrete jungle near to KL. In fact its even greener than my Bukit Apek in Tampin. Nevertheless, we left Slothland around 640am and reached Bukit Gasing around 730am. There is no entrance fee required and the crowd was huge. It surprised me on how Malaysians actually are into physical activities these days.

Managed to climb up to this temple...impressed with myself yo

Okay, for Bukit Gasing-Weatherman has brought me to 2 main attractions which were the temple and the bridge. Oh man, the hike was horrendous -  I almost pitam/ passed out as it was too extreme for me to handle.

Testing Macro shot using Sony A5100

Weatherman feeding the kids with some Gardenia bread

Some small stream of water found at Bukit Gasing

This was taken at the Jambatan at Bukit Gasing

I still cannot believed that I actually climbed that high was crazee

But it was a good experience. Got monkeys, got greenery, got water stream - to name a few. Looking forward to go here again.

2) Zoo Negara

Okay you may laugh, of all the places - why Zoo Negara? Its easy peasy because both of us are huge fans of animals.

We actually bought tickets via 11street and it costed us RM39 inclusive the entrance ticket to view the pandas. It was a good deal. This is my 2nd time to Zoo Negara and the displayed animals was entertaining.

Minus, the crowd was too many (because it was school holidays) but we managed to survive that.

Hence below are the photos at the Zoo Negara:

Loving the Macro shots taken by Weatherman using my Sony A5100


Some bangau

This lion actually knows how to actually pose-just like MoMo

Lazy Panda

'Sodap ni if masak cili apiiii'

3) Kayaking at Tasik Putrajaya

Okay last activity. So with busuk busuk condition, we drove to Slothland for Kayaking activity. At first we went to Marina Putrajaya unfortunately there was no kayaking activity being served there. Then we went to Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, luckily it was available there.

The rate was actually for single kayak is RM 10 per hour and for double is RM 15 per hour.

So we went kayaking and IT WAS FUN yet scary (because I was sitting in front and I'm afraid that the kayak will went terbalik) but ha ha ha the kayak itself is quite stable and safe (but we were both wet due to paddling)

These are some shots taken during our Kayaking activity : (was freaked out that my camera might fall into the water) luckily nothing scary happened

Peaceful Slothland

View from my seat inside the kayak

Selfie shot when kayaking

That concludes our Diwali activity. On that night itself I slept at 9pm and woke up at 7am.


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