Killing 3 birds using one stone in just one day #diwali

Oh well the title of this post explains how Weatherman and I did exhilarating stuff during the mid-week public holiday for Diwali celebration.

Since we both reserved this whole day for our "date-day", we actually did 3 extreme activities.

1) Hiking to Bukit Gasing

Bukit Gasing is located at Petaling Jaya. I was amazed by the green area despite Petaling Jaya is near to the concrete jungle near to KL. In fact its even greener than my Bukit Apek in Tampin. Nevertheless, we left Slothland around 640am and reached Bukit Gasing around 730am. There is no entrance fee required and the crowd was huge. It surprised me on how Malaysians actually are into physical activities these days.

Managed to climb up to this temple...impressed with myself yo

Okay, for Bukit Gasing-Weatherman has brought me to 2 main attractions which were the temple and the bridge. Oh man, the hike was horrendous -  I almost pitam/ passed out as it was too extreme for me to handle.

Testing Macro shot using Sony A5100

Weatherman feeding the kids with some Gardenia bread

Some small stream of water found at Bukit Gasing

This was taken at the Jambatan at Bukit Gasing

I still cannot believed that I actually climbed that high was crazee

But it was a good experience. Got monkeys, got greenery, got water stream - to name a few. Looking forward to go here again.

2) Zoo Negara

Okay you may laugh, of all the places - why Zoo Negara? Its easy peasy because both of us are huge fans of animals.

We actually bought tickets via 11street and it costed us RM39 inclusive the entrance ticket to view the pandas. It was a good deal. This is my 2nd time to Zoo Negara and the displayed animals was entertaining.

Minus, the crowd was too many (because it was school holidays) but we managed to survive that.

Hence below are the photos at the Zoo Negara:

Loving the Macro shots taken by Weatherman using my Sony A5100


Some bangau

This lion actually knows how to actually pose-just like MoMo

Lazy Panda

'Sodap ni if masak cili apiiii'

3) Kayaking at Tasik Putrajaya

Okay last activity. So with busuk busuk condition, we drove to Slothland for Kayaking activity. At first we went to Marina Putrajaya unfortunately there was no kayaking activity being served there. Then we went to Kelab Tasik Putrajaya, luckily it was available there.

The rate was actually for single kayak is RM 10 per hour and for double is RM 15 per hour.

So we went kayaking and IT WAS FUN yet scary (because I was sitting in front and I'm afraid that the kayak will went terbalik) but ha ha ha the kayak itself is quite stable and safe (but we were both wet due to paddling)

These are some shots taken during our Kayaking activity : (was freaked out that my camera might fall into the water) luckily nothing scary happened

Peaceful Slothland

View from my seat inside the kayak

Selfie shot when kayaking

That concludes our Diwali activity. On that night itself I slept at 9pm and woke up at 7am.


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It was a quiet Sunday morning when suddenly Weatherman popped up a question "jom?" and since Weatherman and I are pretty fond with Sabak Salai's food, so we went for a surprise road trip in Nismilan.

Sabak Salai is a shop located in Kundur which sells authentic Negeri Sembilan's food like masak lemak cili api and salai. I must say the keli salai and the tempe is the bomb.

So Weatherman reached my home around 12pm and since my parents are not at home, I managed to sneak out of the house and leaving Fatty who's still sleeping at home kekeke

Luckily at Sabak Salai's shop, we managed to find a place to sit and yes, without disappointing we managed to get our keli, puyuh and tempe and it was so so good

Upon finishing our lunch, we've decided to go to the next destination which is DQnut located at Kuala Sungai Baru, Melaka.

Yes, it was near to my previous workplace.
Despite the fact that I hated the place and the area, DQnut is an exception.
The beach and the swings are among my favs.

Queer looking woods

Next destination was Rumah Api Tanjung Tuan. The hike was like Bukit Apek-slighly shorter but steeper. The view was quite nice despite the scorching hot weather. We were literally sweating while taking photos.

Then, we went to Teluk Kemang for tea time pit stop where we had keropok lekor and goreng pisang. 

And the last stop was Masjid PD for prayers.

hence #roadtripmissionwasaSUCCESS.

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Not a firm believer of adat and etc but  one of the first item to checklist is that I had successfully chosen my cincin merisik yesterday-a day after my birthday.
In malay society marriage tradition, there are many important steps, starting with ‘merisik‘.

Merisik in Malay actually means spying (but in this context, it’s not the James Bond type though). It means to learn more of something through informal inquiries such as to further understand the backgrounds of both families, and in this particular case, of the feelings of the intended spouse and her parents. In addition to that, merisik is carried out by the young man’s parents or relatives to informally inquire on the girl’s agreement to the intended marriage and more importantly, to seek the consent of the girl’s parents. Marriage is a serious institution and both families must feel secure, happy and comfortable with the proposed union.

source from

One of our first times entering gold shop accompanied by Mak and Abah. Choosing the right ring can be quite confusing as most of the rings looked the same.

My "cincin merisik". Approved by Abah, Mak and Weatherman.

This whole year has been exciting and yet extremely busy but hahaha I will update more on that in later upcoming posts..

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"Not going to lie, I'm pretty wrapped up with my life. I have some great friends, an amazing family, a splendid lovelife and a kick ass cat. Thanks everybody for the last 26 years, they have been a ripper of a time and I honestly can't complain because I am so #blessed to be alive!!"  #thanksforthegoodtimes #stoked

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Our First MRT Ride and KL City Tour #walkingdownthememorylane

Last Friday was a public holiday, Weatherman and I decided to go for "jalan-jalan" around KL city.

Before going for jalan jalan to KL, we rode bicycles at the Slothland (Putrajaya) which was about 7km using OFO bikes. It was a good ride actually-Slothland is a beautiful place and perfect for bike riding activity.

The weather was beautiful on that day and quite a number of cyclists went cycling as early as 7am. Somehow I feel so blessed to have a chance to work at Slothland.

Anyways, we've finished cycling around 9am and we started our journey to MRT Kajang station around 9something.

Since MRT was launched somewhere mid of the year, we felt like trying to take a ride on it. So, we drove all the way from Slothland to Kajang Station (somewhere at Jalan Reko, Kajang) and took from the lastest station to Muzium Negara station.
The Muzium Negara station

Walking down the memory lane- revisiting Muzium Negara. Our first visit was back in 2016, I think...

Happy face of Tunku Rahman

From Muzium Negara, we walked to Masjid Negara for Friday prayers.
Since it was Friday prayers, I standby'ed an Abaya to bring to Masjid Negara. #UIAterukback

Can see my old office, DB from Masjid Negara

After finishing Friday prayers, we went to Islamic Art Museum, and we actually got shocked as the entrance fee is RM 14 per pax. Upon entering the museum itself, to us, the price is kind of worth it as the artifacts being displayed are worthy to see and the museum itself is very informative (in-depth) with Islamic history around the world.

There were quite a number of Masjid models which shows the uniqueness architecture of Masjids throughout various regions and cultures. 

Last but not least, we visited our very own "Little Dhaka" at Masjid Jamek. Ahh what a memory!
We ended up our trip around 4pm. Overall it was a good trip and looking forward to have more trips in future!

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