Raya Raya Raya #2017


At a pivotal moment, Malaysia needs to hustle on clean energy

“The time is now; we do not have to wait for perfect conditions for energy transition”

It was a remarkable statement taken from Asia Clean Energy Forum (ACEF) 2017 which sent a clear signal about the opportunity for Malaysia to adopt clean energy and managing energy transition in this country.

Just a quick fact, Malaysia only has 33 years of natural gas reserves, and 19 years of oil reserves, whilst the demand for energy is increasing. Due to this the Malaysian government is expanding into renewable energy sources. Currently 16% of Malaysian electricity generation is hydroelectric, the remaining 84% being thermal.

The renewable energy sector has major potential for growth and the government plans to have to make up 7.8% of Malaysia’s total energy production by 2020. This is an addition to Asean’s target of 25% green energy in total fuel mix by 2020.

“Growing demand for green technologies, products and services offers countries tremendous opportunities to develop new industries and markets that create long-term jobs ”said the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA) of Malaysia.

Take a look at Sweden. Sweden is on target to run entirely on renewable energy within the next 25 years. 57% per cent of Sweden's power came from renewables such as hydropower and wind sources, with the remainder coming from nuclear power.

The country now plans to tap into its "large potential" for onshore wind power, in order to make the country completely fossil-free by 2040 - a goal set by Sweden's prime minister at the UN General Assembly last year.

Not only Sweden, other countries like Canada, India and Germany are among others whom aggressively going towards in energy transitioning from non-renewable energy to renewable energy - a more greener energy avenue.

This is a pivotal time for clean energy and Malaysia could be among them, if we hustle.

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Raya Raya Raya #2017

I guess its really crazy like how fast time flies.

First it was the month of Ramadan..

Ramadan is the most holy month for Muslims and is the month where Muslims all around the world try their best to be better Muslims. Ramadan is sweet and it’s special. However, it can also pose many challenges of different kinds to most people. One of it is maintaining patience in amidst of hunger (in which I struggle a lot).

Speaking of Raya, it seems like yesterday I celebrated Raya back in 2016, but hahaha here I am celebrating Raya in 2017.

There's nothing exciting much for Raya this year- the routines are always the same since 1991.

"Isi kuih inside balang, makan and makan and makan"

Also my car insurance has expired so screw it, I have lesser money to spend for this Raya.

Anyhow, here's some snapshots taken during Raya this year:

We actually kind of "rojak" with this year's Raya theme for Day 1 of Raya. The hues doesn't actually matches with one another but whatever #yolo

I kind of hated my Raya dress this year, but surprisingly it looks good in the picture. Thank you Lubna #lubnaootd

Raya's usual squad at Kampung Tedong, Merlimau

Love you Sheilaaaa..

For 2nd day of Raya, I'm wearing this material that I bought from Yogyakarata. Loving the colour hues..

Its funny to see how the kids have grown so fasttt..

I didn't take much photos for Raya this year...but overall, it was a decent celebration and good time for bonding with family members..

Also, I decided to be a good girl and re-designed my blog. Woot woot! I think I deserve some claps, it’s been long due. It’s quite a quicky job, I usually take a week to finish a theme.  This baby took me only 1 day. I may be a snail at coding, so please don’t judge. Being fickle minded certainly did not help. And sometimes I argue with myself whether to add that 1 pixel detail no one would notice.

Why LEX? Simply because the main colour is white. I’ve been wanting a minimalist concept to my blog. If you see some glitches and minor inconsistencies, do not panic. I’m still tweaking some minor details of this theme. I’m so excited now, I love this theme! And will probably love it more once it’s done 100%! ;D

Till then, xoxo Arnis.

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Last week, I attended Asia Clean Energy Forum 2017 or to be known as ACEF in Manila, Philippines.

This trip is kind of daunting/ mixed feelings as:

1) This is just my 1st month of working in this Organisation
2) I am still not familiar with the jargon/ terminologies of this industry
3) I never experienced travelling during the month of Ramadan
4)  Its...Manila (first time visiting this Pinoy-land)

And one last thing is my name, Arnis.

For your information, "Arnis" is actually is a martial art in Philippines so I'm kind of paranoid of the Pinoys making fun of my name actually..

This martial art uses stick to fight with each other

Anyway, my flight was on 4th of June 2017.

Saying goodbye to my cat, Momo was the hardest actually.

As I actually arrived at the airport called the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, took a grab car straight to the hotel which was the Holiday Inn Manila in ADB Avenue.

Passed by some ghetto area in Manila. This is like the scenario of Malaysia back in 70s

There's actually nothing much for me to say about this trip, as working trip has always been hectic.
Afterall, this is a conference and I feel saturated by end of the day. 

Some highlights :

1) It was hard for me to understand the Pinoy's accent
2) The security was a bit tight due to recent bombing attacks in the country
3) The cost of living in Philippines is quite high, I think higher than Malaysia
4) The currency can be very complicated and they do keep the money balance without asking us.
5) Most of the Pinoys are very very good looking :P

Here are some pics taken during ACEF 2017:

My photo looks relatively...scary

The Blue drink actually taste fantastic...tasted like the "Lohas drink" back in Japan

The usual route from my hotel to ADB headquarters 
The usual view every morning...

All the nerdish thingy..ummm so not me

Manila is actually kind of hectic city...traffic is quite bad at the ADB avenue

My pass for the 4 day conference

All solar-related thingy...

I swear to God, this is like one of the bestest drink that human ever invented!

Me..after non-stop listening to talks related to renewable energy

Loving the ladyboy's documentary..will not find this in Malaysia

Some of the ACEF's crowd from all over the world

Listening to the explanation related to blockchain

This plain rice costed me RM 16

Me and my boss representing the organisation

After all, it was a good, educational trip. Do I want to visit Manila again in the future? Heck no.


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On Selections

What a remarkable statement, right? These days the overwhelming simplicity and depth of this idea has been the driving force of my day-to-day reality. What is "the why" of my life? Who am I being? What am I creating? What worthy goal am I contributing to? If I could put it into a few words, what would I say? And after that, how do I choose it—over and over, every day? And when I do, how do I share it with people? And once they know, how do I intentionally act to align this with every area of my life?

BOOM. Thanks, Mark Twain. I have some ideas but I want you to know there is a silence I'm craving to finalise the answer.

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Unemployed & I'm lovin' it

So I quit my previous job and God knows how happy I am to escape from the miserable place.

It was the bestest decision I made so far and no regrets regarding to it. It was a really bittersweet memory of working at that place.

Few days of resting at home was lovely :)

I got to spend most of the time with my cat, MoMo and enjoyed cooking and cleaning the house. Not to forget play with my pool and the unicorn as well.

Its almost May 2017 (yikes). How scary to see how fast time flies these days and I'm about to start a new chapter in life at a new place. (hoping for good things with good people in the picture)

Anyway, I bought a new Kate Spade handbag and I'm lovin' it :)

Look at this beauty ;)

I will keep you updated in this blog later.

Till next time.xoxo Arnis.

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