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REVIEW: Swimming Pool by My Pool

2017 is quite an enthralling year as my family has decided to build a pool at our house.

Guess what? Its a real & legit & actual swimming pool at our own house

So, we began studying which contractor should we hire and did a proper comparison on the costings based on quotations which we have acquired from few pool contractors in Malaysia.

Amongst the company which interest us was My Pool.

So we began dealing initially with En Razak (whereby he provide us with a quotation) and we dealt with En Rahman for the execution part.

En Rahman and his team came over to my house and measured the area where we intended to build the pool.

We opted for Fibre Glass pool (theres more pros on Fibre Glass compared to Vinyl) and MyPool offered a good price for a FibreGlass pool compared to other companies. The fibre glass also contains jacuzzi function which makes it more exciting. (So its like 2 in 1 -pool + jacuzzi)

This is the design that we've opted for our pool which suits the pool area:


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